Dairy farming

Grosvenor Farms produce about 48,000 litres of milk a day, some 17.5 million litres a year which is processed by Müller Wiseman Dairies and sold to Tesco as liquid drinking milk.

The new Lea Manor dairy farm is a significant investment into the future of food and energy for generations to come and will help meet the increasing demand for milk in a sustainable way.

The farm has been carefully designed to be as comfortable as possible for the cows to live in. It has been built to the highest standards and incorporates the latest technologies to develop a farm that is industry leading in terms of animal health, welfare and comfort.

We believe this is the best way both to ensure the health and wellbeing of our herd and to provide the efficiencies which modern day farming requires to meet the nation’s demand for good value milk.

Grosvenor Farms has been dairy farming on the Eaton Estate for at least 100 years and we believe this farm enables us to continue to practice the best animal husbandry and produce nutritious milk in an appropriate, considerate and forward thinking manner.

  • The whole facility has been fully badger proofed in order better to protect the herds from TB infection.
  • A sophisticated monitoring system identifies each cow for lameness as they walk across a sensory platform after every milking enabling staff to identify any issues approximately two weeks before there would be any visual signs.
  • The parlour takes about 10 minutes to rotate and has 60 berths meaning it will take just four hours to milk all the cows reducing stress on the animals.
  • Water is provided through an environmentally friendly bore hole and is used to clean the sand in the cattles’ living areas ensuring about 85% can be reused.
  • Solar panels on the south facing roof of one the farm buildings will generate the energy to power the farm with the residual entering the national grid.
  • Large cubicles and sheds provide space for the cows to eat, sleep, walk around and socialise in.

4 hours

to milk all the cows, reducing stress on the animals

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