Dairy farming

The farm is home to 2,100 dairy cows which are milked three times daily to supply approximately 70,000 litres of fresh milk a day. This is processed by Müller Wiseman and sold to Tesco.

Our cows live in specially designed, state of the art barns which are larger than typical industry standards to improve animal comfort whether eating, sleeping or socialising.

This environment allows for plenty of natural light and air flow to enable free roaming and access to high quality feed mix and water as they choose.

Milking takes place on a circular parlour to enable the cows to face each other, an approach which improves efficiency and helps livestock stay calm and content throughout.

Our facility has been instrumental in reducing incidences of illness in our cows. Since its completion, our use of antibiotics has plummeted by 60% through the use of a range of sophisticated technologies – such as a sensory platform for gait analysis. 

This allows conditions such as lameness and mastitis to be detected and treated before the signs of illness become visible. 


4 hours

to milk all the cows, reducing stress on the animals

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