About us

Grosvenor Farms Limited is a commercial farm extending to 2,330 hectares (5,755 acres) on the Eaton Estate near Chester.

Home to 2,100 dairy cows and 1,000 dairy heifers the farm produces more than 70,000 litres of fresh milk daily for the retail market.

We also grow 2,200 hectares (5,600 acres) of crops, some of which is fed to our own livestock, with the remainder used in food production and animal feed.

A further 260 hectares (640 acres), about 12% of our land, are managed to benefit the environment and biodiversity.

We employ more than 50 people, 31 of which, full-time, as well as apprentices who gain formal qualifications, training and experience in a range of roles across the business.

Grosvenor Farms is one of the operating companies of the Wheatsheaf Group which directly operates, invests in and helps to develop businesses in the food and agriculture sectors.

Through the development of innovative technologies, Wheatsheaf aims to contribute enduring solutions to improve efficiency in the production of healthy and nutritious food and ensure that the food supply needs borne out of the increasing demands of a changing global population are met.


Grosvenor Farms was named Farm Business of the Year 2016 at the Food & Farming Industry Awards at the House of Commons.

The award recognised us for being at the forefront of the industry in food production, technology, the environment and staff development. Judges described us as ‘in the vanguard of modern farming’, a top performer in animal welfare, and a farm the industry should be proud of.

We were also recognised as the UK’s Dairy Company of the Year at the Cream Awards and were named the UK’s leading farm for health and welfare.

Farmer tending to calves in a barn